Information Technology and Systems 2015
An IITP RAS Interdisciplinary Conference & School
September, 7-11, Olympic Village, Sochi, Russia
ISBN: 978-5-901158-28-9

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Photo by Maria Efimova

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What is ITaS 2015?

"Information Technologies and Systems" (ITaS) is the annual interdisciplinary School and Conference of the Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITPRAS). Back in 1966 the Institute, then under the aegis of the USSR Academy of Sciences, organized its first young scientists' conference, which since then became annual and took place thirty times until 1995. Then, after some hiatus, the tradition was resumed in 2007 when the conference was re-baptized with its current name, ITaS.The conference has spread far beyond IITP RAS, each year gathering hundreds of young scientists from leading Russian and foreign research centres and universities. Our traditional partner is MIPT, but such organizations as NRU HSE, Lobachevsky NNSU, Immanuel Kant BFU have also been the co-organizers of ITaS in various years.

ITaS provides scientists with a unique opportunity to exchange their research experience, to stimulate new ideas and discoveries. Young scientists from IITP RAS and other institutes can present their research results, attend the lectures given by leading scientists from all around the world and discuss the current open problems in diverse areas related to information transmission and processing in live and technical systems. Our recent guests include Chief Executive and Technical Officers from leading international companies, such as Airbus Group (formerly EADS), Worldsensing, Quantenna, the Russian department of Huawei, and Skolkovo resident companies, including Telum and Datadvance. Over the last 4 years ITaS has become a hospitable ecosystem for meetings of innovation companies' management and for “senior” theme conferences such as WiFlex 2013 and Yarbus 100 (2014).

ITaS, the multidisciplinary conference, includes various formats of interactive learning: from those common in academia to less formal ones, and up to truly innovative. Here the links between the fundamental research and the applied development are strengthened, here connections between different generations of researchers revitalize, here new theories and startups are born. Come participate in ITaS, a conference and school at the forefront of Russian science!

What is special about the School-Conference ITaS 2015?

The IITP RAS 39th interdisciplinary School-Conference “Information Technologies and Systems” was dedicated to the most significant challenges in the area of information technologies development. These challenges were divided into 3 platforms:

This year ITaS gathered together 217 participants, which is a record figure. 33 keynotes took place, given by the leading scientists from Russia, the USA, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Participants of ITaS 2015 visited over 50 events, and 75 papers were presented at the Poster session.

Elena Egorova, Dmitry Bankov, Darya Reshetova, Yuriy Maximov and Ekaterina Hrameeva won the ITaS 2015 Best Paper Awards.

Participants of the ITaS school-conference could also visit the School-conference on mathematical theory of finance which will be held simultaneously with ITaS.

A special “My first paper” session was organized for the youngest participants of the conference. As the result, 18 students from MIPT and HSU presented their first papers.

Proceedings of the ITaS 2015 are indexed by the Russian Science Citation Index.