Information Technology and Systems 2015
An IITP RAS Interdisciplinary Conference & School
September, 7-11, Olympic Village, Sochi, Russia
ISBN: 978-5-901158-28-9

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Tuesday, September 8
15:30 - 16:30
Flagman 3
Session: BioInformatics: ExpressionBioinformatics
Chair: Dr.Sci. Mikhail Gelfand

Alexey Stupnikov, Frank Emmert-Streib
Robustness of statistical models for Differential Gene Expression of RNA-seq Downoad paper
Abstract: RNA -seq is an NGS-based technology, that allows to perform various types of transcriptome analysis. During recent years RNA-seq was also widely used for Differential Gene Expression (DGE) analysis. A number of statistical models were suggested to evaluate RNA-seq data for DGE. Robustness, i.e. the difference of analysis' outcome caused by data shifts or perturbations is one of the key characteristics of any computational method. By specifying the data alterations type, different types of robustness' can be defined. We compare the performance of several popular methods for DGE on RNA-seq data, and explore their robustness to simulated altering of RNA-seq experiment parameters.

Yerbol Kurmangaliyev
RNA-editing quantitative trait loci in humans and fruit flies Downoad paper
Abstract: ADAR-mediated adenosine deamination (A-to-I editing) is the most common type of RNA editing in metazoans. RNA editing usually affects only a fraction of all transcripts and the level of editing may vary strongly among particular A-to-I sites. In this study, we investigated genotype-specific changes in editing patterns of particular ADAR targets. We used matching genomic and transcriptomic data from multiple individuals to map single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with genotype-specific changes in editing.